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What Does Your Humane Society Do?

1. We accept all animals, approximately 5500 per year.

2. We keep records of all lost and found animals in Carroll County.

3. We attempt to locate owners of lost pets and livestock.

4. We keep updated files on all county dog licenses numerically as well as alphabetically so owners may be contacted.

5. We make adoptions of animals to suitable new homes. We follow up to ensure each animal is neutered or spayed, has a rabies shot and a license.

6. We patrol the county for stray or "at large" animals on request.

7. Our officers respond 24 hours a day to emergencies such as life threatening situations, injured domestic stray animals, dangerous wild animals within a home, and we assist police when necessary.

8. We maintain 32 dog licensing outlets throughout the county for our citizens" convenience.

9. We attempt to assist and or educate all who call with animal related problems or questions.

10. We offer an "after hours" animal drop off area.

11. We provide humane euthanasia for the public with a fee during our regular business hours.

12. We investigate "ALL" complaints of cruelty or neglect to animals. We take action if warranted and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

13. We maintain an inventory of dog and cat traps to assist the public with humanely catching and containing nuisance animals if necessary; however, we deliver and pick up dog traps only.

14. We investigate all livestock kills committed by dogs at large and we attempt to locate the owners.

15. When possible, we conduct tours and educational programs for Scouts, schools, senior citizen centers, etc.

16. When possible, we will present educational programs for groups such as civic clubs, PTA's, neighborhood associations, public safety organizations, postal employees, etc.

17. We keep 3 year records of all citations issued, as well verbal/and or written warnings.

18. We have tranquilizer equipment that may be used in the control of loose livestock and other nuisance or dangerous animals.

19. Experienced officers may use firearms in the disposal of injured, possibly rabid and/or dangerous animals.

20. We inspect yearly and as needed, all kennels, pet shops and grooming shops, of which there are approximately 100.

21. We license all pet shops, grooming shops, zoological parks, rodeo, circuses, performing animal exhibitions, kennels, and catteries.

22. We provide spay and neuter assistance for Carroll County citizens whose combined household income is less that $25,000 per year.

23. We provide spay/neuter assistance from participating veterinarians to Senior Citizens adopting a pet from the shelter.