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If your dog is lost don't give up. Don't expect to find your dog right away. Some dogs have been found weeks later. Here are some helpful hints to help you find your dog.

A dog that is normally walked on a leash may wander to the places you have walked together if it does get lost. Or it may seek similar areas in an unfamiliar neighborhood-such as parks, playgrounds and grocery stores.

They often try to find their way back home to a former residence if the owners have moved, but they rarely succeed.

1. Ask for help

If you have lost your dog, ask everyone you see if they have seen it. Children are particularily good sources of information because they are outdoors more than adults.Take photos of you dog, and post them at the school and at school bus stops.

Ask the mailman, people walking their dogs, owners of nearby businesses and people coming to and from work.

Inform your local police. Some police stations have cages to keep strays for a limited time. Many people have reported stray animals to the police.

2. Notify humane agencies and animal control facilities immediately.

Call and visit all animal shelters in your area. Follow up regularly.

Most animal shelters only hold stray animals a few days before euthanizing or adopting them, so be sure to check there in person. Take a recent photograph with you.

3. Offer a reward

People respond best if a reward is offered. Offer what you can afford. It is not uncommon for pet owners to offer rewards. If you have been searching for a long time, offering a large reward may help spark renewed interest and effort to help from neighbors and friends.

4. Post "LOST" signs

As soon as possible after losing a pet, you should post signs to alert the neighborhood. Remember that lettering must be large enough to read from a distance, and a reward should be mentioned prominently.

Put a good description and photo. Include where and when your dog was lost and a telephone number where you can be reached.

You'll need to "blanket your area with "LOST" signs. You'll need a minimum of 100 signs to cover a several block area effectively.

It's a good idea to take someone with you if you go to a stranger's house to identify the dog, or arrange to meet the person-with the dog on a leash or in a secure box or carrier-in a public place.

*Note: You'll need to reserve at least one identifying mark for positive identification if your dog is found. Don't put everything in the description. If your dog is brown with white paws and a black spot on his nose, and you don't mention the spot on your signs, you can ask the caller if the face has any markings on it-to see if they really have your dog.

5. Place ads in newspapers

Be sure to put a "LOST" ad in the Lost and Found classified ad section of all local newspapers such as The Carroll County Times.

You should also read the "FOUND" ads in all the local newspapers.   Click here to see the lost and found ads at The Carroll County Times.