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Dog Licensing Information

"A lost licensed dog is only a phone call away from home."


Maryland Law and Carroll County code Chapter 90, states all dogs 4 months of age and older must have a valid rabies innoculation and a current county dog license. Licenses are annual and expire Dec 31st of each year. (a rabies tag is not a county dog license) To obtain a dog license take your dog's rabies certificate to one of the licensings outlets listed below. For a reduced fee present proof of spay or neuter if applicable and ID as proof of senior citizen status if you are the dog owner.

Fees are as follows: Regular Senior Citizen
(62 years)
Spayed or neutered dog $5.00 $3.00
Intact dog $25.00 $10.00
Duplicate (Must provide original gold receipt) $1.00 $1.00

A $10.00 late penalty will be assessed beginning March 1st.

Licensing outlets

Eldersburg Vet. Hosp. 410-795-3088
Carrolltowne Vet. Hosp. 410-549-1500
South Carroll Vet. Hosp. 410-549-2345
Sykesville Vet. Clinic 410-549-7798


140 Vet. Hosp. 410-833-8646
Finksburg Vet. Center 410-833-3300
Hampstead Town Office 410-374-2761
TruValue Hardware 410-374-4876
North Carroll Vet 410-239-3713
Manchester Town Office 410-239-3200
Mount Airy:
Mt Airy Vet Association 301-829-4099
Mt Airy Animal Hosp 301-829-4800


New Windsor

New Windsor Town Hall 410-635-6575
Antrim Vet. Hosp. 410-751-0091
Taylorsville Vet.Clinic 410-775-7007
Humane Society 410-848-4810
Airpark Animal Hosp. 410-857-9575
Tax Office 410-386-2400
Carroll County Vet 410-848-3100
R.D. Bowman 410-848-3733
Feathers, Tails, Scales 410-876-0244
Westminster Vet 410-848-3363
Rolling Hills Animal Hospital 410-857-5757
Banfield Pet Hospital 410-848-7186
MD Mobile Vet 410-597-9237

Keysville Mobile Vet ----------------------------------------------443-340-5080