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Hi, My name is Lily & I have overheard my friends here say that I am one of the sweetest dogs. Have you ever heard "You can't tell a book by its cover"? Well maybe that's my challenge. You need to take me out of my kennel & meet me one on one. You will LOVE me because I am sooooo friendly & frisky & playful. Please come in to visit with me, I will win your heart. My previous owner did say I wasn't nice to their other female dog but folks here find that hard to believe because they have seen me around numerous dogs & I wasn't unfriendly. My owners turned us both over to the folks here, what does that tell ya? When these nice folks called them to ask about us they just hung up on us. They were not very nice. Still I understand why the employees here have to tell you I might not like another female dog in the house, that's what they were told. I can't wait to meet you. I am a 5 year old, Spayed Female bully mix.




Meet Ali. He is a loving and loyal dog...he loves company and will happily go everywhere with you. Ali is a 10 month old, Neutered Male Bully mix. He would be fine in a home with teenagers but not with small children because of his size and energy level. Ali would do well in a home with a yard where he can run and chase a ball. If you have another dog at home, you must bring the pet in to meet Ali. Please stop in to see this handsome fellow.

Neutered by: Airpark Animal Hospital



Here's a story...I was hit by a car and had some trouble with my eye ball! It is still with me but I most likely cannot see out of it but my other one gets me by just fine! My name is Maddie and I am a 3-5 year old, Spayed Female Bully Breed and you should come "see" for yourself what a great, happy girl I am!



Roses are red, VIOLETS are brown and white (hee hee) and I want to come home with you! I am a 1 year old Female Bully mix with tons and tons of energy and I'm ready to take walks, and spend our time getting to know each other! Just remember to know me is to love me!!


Got Milk?? Well how about a dog named Milky to go nicely in your home! I am a 5 year old, Neutered Male Husky/Lab mix and there are a few things to know about me other than my good looks! I should go to a home where there are no small children and I need some training to be an inside dog because I was kept outside for most of my life! I know with time and patience I will be a great addition to my new home!



My name is Droopy and I am a 4 year old, Neutered Male Bully Breed. I'm an absolute wonderful guy who loves everyone and everything...just ask all the people who work here and they will agree! Now it's your turn to get in here and see for yourself!

   DONATION $70.00
Girlie Girl

My name is Girlie Girl and I am a 2 year old, Female Beagle Mix. Just so you know my favorite toy is a tied up sock and the rest we can find out when you bring me home!

How about taking a gamble and getting lucky to have me in your life? My name is Black Jack and I am a 1 year old,
Neutered Male Bully mix. I am very strong and a bit hyper and should be with children that are in the "teen" age years and also be knowledgeable with my type of breed! I currently weigh 48 pounds!

   DONATION $70.00

Are you looking for a friend  a pal or someone to be your "Buddy"? I'm here waiting to fill that space for you and give you lots of good times and great memories to make! I am a 6 year old, Male Boxer/Bully mix and I currently weigh 61.6 pounds!

My name is Snickers and I am a 14 (yes, 14--don't I look good) year, Neutered Male Shih tzu. I do have some cataracts but still seem to get along just fine! I need to go to a home where there are older children so we can all be happy together! Remember, older dogs make wonderful friends!!

   DONATION $70.00

I'm a "lone ranger" looking for a friend, are their any "Tonto's out there that want a nice companion?? Maybe my story will "trigger" you to come in and take me home! I am a nice 8 year old, Neutered Male Lab so lets get riding off together soon!

   DONATION $70.00


Helloooo and how do you do?? My name is Gomer and I am a 5 year old, Male Beagle. Now I need to be truthful and give you some much needed information...I don't know how to walk on a leash yet! Are you surprised? Let me just say that I need some training and then I am sure I will get the hang of it in no time! So come on in and lets get to stepping' together!


My name is Goober and I've got smarts, good looks and a silly little name! I am a 5 year old, Male Beagle and like my brother Gomer, I don't know how to walk on a leash either! I can use my nose for sniffing things and my ears for hearing so I think that should be a good start in any home!