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Adoptable Cats
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The Humane Society of Carroll County salutes our all-star heroes by waiving adoption fees for all cats to active or retired military. We invite you to stop by the Humane Society and check out our winning roster of potential best friends.
Adopters must present proof of service to be eligible.

29 people have taken advantage of this special so far.

We need dependable Volunteers to help us with our PETCO cats in Westminster. If you think you could help out please call us 410-848-4810!

*BARN CATS AVAILABLE*Already Spayed and Neutered with all shots Contact Metro Ferals for Barn Cats Ruth @ 443-255-4489 or Lou @ 301-704-3660



The cool weather is finally here and I cannot wait! The only thing that would make this season better would be if I had you in my life. I'm sure you feel the same way! My name is Lexus and I am an 8 Year Old, Spayed Female cat. I know you are dying to meet me so why don't you stop by soon?! I will be waiting on your arrival to take me home and give me the best forever home. Stop in soon!

DONATION $50.00 


Lexus's adoption fee is being sponsored by an outside source.  The new adopter will be reimbursed their adoption fee once they take her home.


I'm not trying to give you a "raspberry" I just like to stick my tongue out just a little bit to add more cuteness to my face! By the way, I am a 5 year old, Spayed Female kitty named Lilly and I would love to show you my soft side!

Spayed by: Too Much of a Good Thing



Why hello, my name is Shadow and the reason they named me that is because I would love to be your shadow and follow you around everywhere! I am a 1 year old, Spayed Female cat. Shadow is in Foster care at this time, if interested in seeing her just call in and we will give you the number of the fosterer. Her Foster mom is willing to pay half of the adoption fee for Shadow. She just wants to see this nice girl go to the perfect home. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 410-848-4810.

DONATION $50.00 


Are you SERIOUSLY looking for a very loving kitty cat? My name is Patsy and I am a 4 year old, Spayed Female with not only a sweet purr-sonality...I also have six toes on each front paw! They make "kneading" backs, bread (ha ha) or just about anything better! Trust me, you won't be sorry that you came in, saw me and then brought me home!

Spayed by: Too Much of a Good Thing



I may not be a flower but I will "bloom" into heart and take over with "petals" of affection! Please come in and "pick" me and you will be very happy! I am a 1 year old, Spayed Female cat.

Spayed by: Too Much of a Good Thing



Can you see me? I'm blending in with my back ground but just in case you can't tell...I'm a cat (ha ha)! My name is Herman and I am a 3 year old, Neutered Male and I will blend in wonderfully in my new home!


FIV Positive


Well hello there, my name is Cole and I am one big kitty.  You really can't tell by my picture but I guess you will just have to come in and see for yourself.  I am a super sweet boy who is looking for a new stomping ground to call my own.  I am a 5 year old, Neutered Male cat. Let's make a date for a visit.

Neutered by: Too Much of a Good Thing

Momma K

My name is Momma "K" which can mean kitty, kool, kind...oops starts cool starts with a C! What I am trying to say is no matter how you spell, please A D O P T me (and I know this is spelled right). I am a 2 year old, Spayed Female kitty.

Spayed by: Too Much of a Good Thing


I am a 2 year old Spayed Female cat and my name is Selena! Isn't that a beautiful name? I think it fits nicely because not to brag but I have a nice face to look at!!


I am a 4 year old Spayed Female cat with long hair and my name is Lexi! Look at my whiskers too, they are just as awesome as I am and make me very aware of my surroundings! Now let's get me home so I can start to put them to good use!


My name is Razzmatazz and I am a 4 year old, Spayed Female kitty cat! Now let me tell you something that I hope you would like to hear! I really enjoy this nice place and they treat me great...nice clean litter box, good food and talk to me all the time! Here's the thing, I am very shy and get a little nervous so I was thinking it would be great to get adopted and get nice and comfy in my new surroundings!

Spayed by: Too Much of a Good Thing



Toot toot or beep beep, I'll come running your way when you call my name! I am a 2 year old,
Neutered Male and we can do some serious noise making with everything except vacuums and cans (I don't like them)! Come on in and get to know me better!


Hi, my name is Bailey and I am a 10 month old, Spayed Female kitty! I've been around cats, dogs, kids, adults, you name it and I may have had a meeting once or twice! My owner is moving and can't take me along but wants me to find a new happy home!

DONATION    $50.00