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The Humane Society of Carroll County salutes our all-star heroes by waiving adoption fees for all cats to active or retired military. We invite you to stop by the Humane Society and check out our winning roster of potential best friends.
Adopters must present proof of service to be eligible.

39 people have taken advantage of this special so far.

We need dependable Volunteers to help us with our PETCO cats in Westminster. If you think you could help out please call us 410-848-4810!

*BARN CATS AVAILABLE*Already Spayed and Neutered with all shots Contact Metro Ferals for Barn Cats Ruth @ 443-255-4489 or Lou @ 301-704-3660



My name is Lucy and I am a 5 year old, Spayed Female kitty cat. I'm hoping that my nice dark stripes are showing in this picture because they sure give me a very beautiful look! You will have yourself a very merry holiday with a great girl like me!

Spayed by: Too Much of a Good Thing


Now how can you have a cookie without a cracker? It's a great combination and one that will satisfy your every taste (ha ha)! My name is Cracker and I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male kitty and both of us are anxious to meet you!

Neutered by: Too Much of a Good Thing


Hi there, my name is Ollie and I am a 4 year old,
Neutered Male kitty! I'm an extremely sweet boy but do want you to know that I am FIV positive! So please be aware of that when you are thinking of adopting me! 

DONATION $50.00/FIV positive

My name is Zane and I am  sometimes a little bit "grouchy"! I am a  7 year old,
Neutered Male kitty and I'm just trying to be honest so it helps me find the perfect family. Don't we all have a "cat-titude' at times?

Neutered by: Too Much of a Good Thing


I guess you could say I will "sweep you" off your feet when you meet me! I am a 6 year old,
Spayed Female kitty and I can't wait for you to fall in love with me!


Hi, my name is Choppers and I am a 12 year old,
Neutered Male kitty. I know I have a funny name, don't worry I won't bite, I only want kindness and love!


Well, here I am...Mimi the 8 year old,
Spayed Female amazing kitty! I've got beauty, charm and lots and lots of time on my hands to make you happy!


Thanks to the Kauffman Family for sponsoring me!

Hi, I'm Bob...short, simple and easy to remember! I am a 6 year old,
Neutered Male and I know you are gonna have a great time getting to know me!


I can still be called "baby" at this age! I am a 2 year old,
Spayed Female that wants to be "babied" for the rest of my life!

Spayed by: Too Much of a Good Thing


I may look at little rough around the edges, but I've earned all these marks which I believe you call "age spots"! My name is Rebel and I am an 11 year old,
Neutered Male kitty.


Got your boots on? I'm a "rootin' tootin' cowboy and I'm ready to do some side steppin' with you! I am a 13 year old,
Neutered Male kitty...and just remember older kitties make great kitties!

Ms. Paint

I am a very beautiful kitty and VERY nice too! My name is Ms. Paint and I am a 3 year old,
Spayed Female kitty. It's important for you to know that I am deaf and don't like to be around other animals, but everything else about me you are going to love! Please give me a chance so you can have a wonderful kitty to love!


My name is Phoebe and I am a 2-3 year old,
Spayed Female cat. I can honestly say that I am a "love bug" and will give you all of my attention and affection as long as you will have it!


Hey, did you see that? Something was just over in the corner and it will not make me turn my head straight now! Oh, it was just a shadow from the, I can't wait to see all the cool things in my new home! My name is Patches and I am a  3-5 year old,
Spayed Female kitty cat. 


My name is Sassy and I am a 1-2 year old,
Spayed Female cat. I've got a fitting name for myself because I am a "feisty" little girt who loves things my way!


I love sitting here by the flowers and looking my best! My name is Jacob and I am a 6-7 year old,
Neutered Male kitty and I can't wait to do some new pictures with my family who is going to love me furr-ever!